Buying Property in Portugal (Third Edition)

Buying-Property-in-Portugal-3rd-EditionBuying a home in Portugal should be straightforward, yet often people fall foul of some of the hidden pitfalls that can derail their overseas property dreams.

In this clearly laid out and no-nonsense guide, Gabrielle Collison shares her insider tips and practical, streetwise advice on how to buy a property in Portugal. This fully revised and updated edition contains:

  • advice on relocating and residency
  • case studies by people who have relocated
  • off-plan vs new build vs resale vs self-build
  • location, location, location
  • the Portuguese regions
  • how to choose a real estate agent and builder
  • selecting your legal advice
  • property documentation and legal paperwork
  • selling a Portuguese property
  • renting a property in Portugal

Here are what some people had to say about the book:


Another indispensable guide to buying property in Portugal by Gabrielle Collison. Don’t even think about moving to Portugal without it!
Simon Pownall, Owner of Expats Portugal,

A comprehensive and accessible guide to moving to Portugal. The book strikes a balance between realism and the desire for a change of scenery, and covers a range of subjects including finding a property, learning the language, and sorting out the financial aspects of moving to a new country. There are also several useful case studies, which bring a personal perspective to the guide, as well as lists of the pros and cons of the various options available when deciding where to live, what kind of property to buy and whether to make the move.
Scar de Courcier, Senior Editor, Expat Focus,

Buying a property abroad can be a daunting task if you don’t know the law and custom of the country you’re buying in. We’ve all heard horror stories of how people have lost money or even their homes when not taking sufficient care when buying a home overseas. If Portugal is a country that takes your fancy then Gabrielle’s latest edition of her guide to buying a property in Portugal can take those fears away. Everything you need to know about the Portuguese property market, the legal process and the pitfalls to watch out for, are set out in this invaluable guide. If you only buy one book on buying a property in Portugal, make sure it is this one. It’s the first and last word on the subject.
Mark Sparrow, Journalist, Broadcaster, Columnist & Photographer,

Property buyers in Portugal, say Olá to your new bible. I certainly wish I’d been able to consult such a nuts-and-bolts guide to purchasing a Spanish property before we made the move over here in 2004. For the Iberian property market is one quagmire that’s difficult to avoid getting bogged down in. This is the third edition, so why buy it? This is unquestionably an idiot’s guide to investing in a property in Portugal. Everything is covered, from regions, location and type of property to agents, builders and legal documentation. If you only buy two books before your move to Portugal, make sure this is one. The other? An English-Portuguese dictionary. Collison, true to form, covers the importance of learning the lingo before your relocation. Entertaining case studies from those who have made their home in Portugal bring a bit of light relief to a textbook lesson in how to buy a Portuguese property.
Matthew Hirtes, Author, Going Local in Gran Canaria,

Buy this book if you want to avoid the pitfalls of buying a property in Portugal. You will save yourself loads of hassle and money and find a property that matches your needs if you follow Gabrielle’s advice.

Not only are there case studies to help you understand both the benefits and drawbacks, there are step-by-step guides to the buying process, a detailed description of the property market in each area of Portugal, help on choosing representation or buying privately, a section on managing builders and avoiding planning problems, and a hugely useful guide to the legal process. This book has everything you need, and most importantly, Gabrielle isn’t trying to sell you anything, you’re getting straightforward, honest advice that you know you can trust! Go on, realise your dreams in Portugal!
Debbie Jenkins, Author, Going Native in Murcia,

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